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  1. Hi,
    This is Laura Perkins, new TNS editor as of 08/2007 and I am writing for two reasons:
    1. Please send info for TNS re: your summer calendar by Mar. 15 if possible. The June issue goes to press April 1.
    2. My husband and I perform Native American music and we have been at Lily Dale 3 summers teaching & performing. Please look at our website and see if you can use us for a Concert and perhaps classes: Learn to Play NA Flute [no music reading required] and Make your own Turtle Shell Rattle. All of these we have done at Lily Dale in past years. We are booked in July and August – but not in June yet. See our website: – – – or call TNS 623-975-0596
    In Spirit,
    Laura & Ken THE WHITE OWL DUO

  2. When will the 2008 schedule be on the website.
    I understand that services are currently being held,but do not want to travel 100 miles for no service
    Thank you

  3. Hi Everyone,

    As you know, the Wigwam fair was this past weekend. I arrived early on Saturday and stayed until 6 p.m. ish. It was a wonderful day filled with friendly and talented people.

    The weather cooperated and we had more sunshine than not :> as visitors came and went, returned, hung out, got readings, bought items from the vendors, etc.

    What a very nice experience.


  4. I went to the wig wam church on sunday and it was wonderful and I want to go back again.

    Angela (Lakhota)

  5. Hi, I’m hoping you can help us. We are in desperate need of contacting an Empath, or someone who knows about this subject. If you know of any one will you please let me know.

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