May – TBA


June – TBA


July – TBA


August – TBA


September – TBA


October – TBA




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  1. Are there activities Nov-May at the Wigwam, or just June-Oct?

  2. Hi Rick there are some minimal activities. I’ll be updating the site VERY soon.
    There are no services during the winter months.
    The first service is scheduled for May 4th ’08

  3. A group of us are interested in attending the fire circles. We are hoping that you will be offering them this year, and if so could you send or post the schedule? Also any information you may have on “drum makeing” Thank you.

  4. Hi Wigwam folks,

    Please update your webpage. I can’t tell if activities have started or not.


  5. Would like to be on your mailing list.
    Thanks, laurie

  6. Please could you tell me the name (I only remember, I think, his first name) of the medium who was working with the congregation on June 15th? My father, son and I were there on June 15th. The speakers and healers there conducted a lovely healing service. The man, who came from Berklee School and is a professor there, was extremely well attuned to the people around him, and was a comfort to many, including myself. I would like to send him an email if I may, so I am offering my email address. If you could point me in his direction (remind me of his name), I may be able to tell him that he helped us to feel closer with our family. I held back from speaking up during his readings because it seemed there were others in the center who needed to work with him more than we did. Thank you for the wonderful service, and thank you all for the opportunity and the space to draw closer with my family, both living and passed. K.E.G.

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